• C.BO. business days are Monday -Friday (excluding bank and public holidays) 
  • Delays are to be expected during SALE periods, please be patient as we work through orders chronologically based on order date. 
  • C.B.O is NOT responsible for any improperly fit units if you failed to purchase the correct size.
  • Generic sizing will be applied for orders were custom measurements are NOT provided 
  • Before purchasing, please make sure your SHIPPING & BILLING address is the same, if not , you will be FULLY REFUNDED. 
  • C.B.O is NOT responsible for any damaged, delayed or LOST packages once it is in the shipping couriers possession.

Terms of Service

C.B.O terms of service are as follows:

  • You, as the customer, are fully aware of the transaction being made while using a credit/debit card possessed by you for this purchase. You as the customer, also agree to the terms of services and policies stated above. 

Last updated 16/02/2022.